Monday, February 15, 2010

Working on my Legal Writing Paper

A quote from a friend of mine who has been practicing for six years...

"In order to resemble true legal argument, must incorporate phrase 'slippery slope' somewhere towards the conclusion, regardless of whether any such slope may be slippery. Then you sound like a real lawyer."

Thanks Graham.


  1. What an inspiring quote. I should post that on my cousin’s bedroom wall who is currently studying law. It might give him a spark to become more focused and excel in his chosen field.

    Alecia Longsworth

  2. You’re absolutely right, Alecia! This kind of inspirational quote is best for law students to look up to. The person behind this line must be an excellent and dedicated law practitioner. I bet that Graham has few more tips to give to anyone who tries to approach him. =)

    Karolina Jeanes

  3. I love it. Aspiring law practitioners should keep these wonderful thoughts for them to succeed and become a reliable lawyer in the future. Allow me to share one of my favorite quotes, which is “Time is an illusion” by the great Albert Einstein. =)

    Tracy Pierre