Monday, February 15, 2010

Do you think our section has one of these?

Highlights to consider:

"I'm going to set the curve!"

"Yeah, I highlight every word in my case book. That's because I want everyone to know how smart I am and how much I am absorbing."

"I am going to raise my hand at every f'n question"


Blame on the In-In-In-ternet

"Blame it on the gchat, making you repeat that...blame it on the in-in-in-ternet!"

Um, WTF is up with the Panda?

Still Working on my LRW Paper

Another quote to add to the paper

"If this motion is not granted, it will surely open the floodgates of litigation."

Thank you Megan. I am sure I will get an A now!

Working on my Legal Writing Paper

A quote from a friend of mine who has been practicing for six years...

"In order to resemble true legal argument, must incorporate phrase 'slippery slope' somewhere towards the conclusion, regardless of whether any such slope may be slippery. Then you sound like a real lawyer."

Thanks Graham.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our New Addition!

Phil finally gave in and let me get a Boston Terrier! He arrives, via plane from Rose, Oklahoma, on February 26!