Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some of the better quotes of the day

From Mom:

I told her I got a RoadID with my information on it in case I get hit by (another) car and her phone number was listed on it after Phil. To which she replied, "Oh, so are you wearing a collar like the dogs with your phone number on it?"

"I'm pretty sure your grandmother is running a sleeper cell of the Third Reich where all they do is sleep."

A fun gchat:
me: he's not in my top ten [of people I like]
Brian: haha well me either
me: not in my top 100, either.
wait, i have 1400 facebook friends
i'd say he's def in my top 1000
Sent at 7:26 PM on Tuesday

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Dogs,

Dear Rock & Jazz,

Seriously. This has not been a good 24 hours for us as a dog family. To start, I come home from work to find that Uncle George has stuck you in the wrong crates. I don't blame you for being unhappy. Especially Jazz. Since after I left, Rock you evidently pissed in your crate. And since you were then put in Jazz's crate, you didn't really care. Poor Jazzy was forced into the crate she hates - which had been pissed in by you, Rock. So, Jazz, you did what any normal 11 lb. dog would do. You ate the side of the god damn crate and escaped. Well, shit.

So, mommy went to Petco with Aunt Mariah and bought you a new crate. I almost broke a finger trying to set it up, but finally, I did it. As I went to put the crate liner in the new crate, you, little Rocky, ran over and peed on my hand. And the crate liner. That was fabulous. Then I realized you had not only peed on your crate liner from earlier that day, the clean one I just had put in, but you peed in Jazz's crate during the day. Well, shit.

Speaking of shit, while I was washing your crate linens and bleaching the trays to get rid of your piss smell, one of you little assholes shit all over my room. Thanks. Love you.

So, little dogs, let's try to make today a better day. Let's hold our piss and shit until we are outside. Let's not eat crates. Let's make life easier for mommy while daddy is away for business since I have to clean up ALL of your messes when you do this.


YAY for Free Time!

Well, its official. I passed all my classes and I'm a 2L. Thank jeebus.

Now my summer project is losing the weight that I put on during my first year. I started Weight Watchers the day after finals finished and it is working! I've also committed myself to running 10 5K's through the summer. The reason is tri-fold, tho, really. First, I want to quilt all the fun t-shirts you get from running in the races. Second, I'm going to do a shadow box with Phil & my racer numbers. Third, I need to lose the weight and if I pay for a race, I'm sure as hell going to run it.

My law school friend, Jenn, Phil, & I ran Kilometers for Karyn on Sunday, June 6 in West Orange, New Jersey. Since I had not run a step since about March, 2009, I was proud that I attempted to run a lot of the race AND finished under 40 minutes. Thank you so much to my friend and husband for cheering me on at the end. Both Jenn and Phil had great times and I was proud of both of them.

Last Saturday, June 12, Phil & I ran the Valerie Fund 5K at Verona Park. Phil cut a minute off of his time. I stayed about the same - but I would have done much better had I not pulled something in my right thigh. It felt like someone was stabbing me, but I jogged instead of walked, and finished at the same time, almost exactly as the Sunday before. Thank you to our friends Mark & Dianne, and their daughters, Aimee, Sara, and Sienna, for coming out and cheering us on. There is something about being bone tired and seeing your friends (and husband, who finished 10 minutes before you) cheering you on and into the finish line. If you have a chance, please come to any of our other races to do the same!

Our next 5K is June 21 in Millburn. I'm running with Phil & several friends from school. I have a goal of running four times a week, at least. Three days of training and one race (most weeks). This weekend we have no races, but maybe I can convince Phil to sign up for one, LOL.

Until then, I'm making baby samplers (I have a bunch to do!) and two wedding samplers :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yeah, so I haven't posted since March

So, I sort of suck at balancing life, school, work, and a blog. But guess what?? I'm DONE FOR THE YEAR! I won't consider first year in the books until I get my last two grades (waiting and not so patiently) in, but all in all, I loved school and I did pretty okay.

So, now I'm back to crafting! The first thing I did was make my boss a lawyer cross-stitch for his birthday. I forgot to take a picture, so that's a big blog fail. BUT, now I'm working on a whole bunch of cross-stitch samplers for my friends new babies, new homes, and weddings! I also am almost done with a quilt top for our bedroom, and I bought the Cricut Design Studio to catch up on scrapbooking.

I love having time off!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nude Snow Sculpture in Rahway leads police to request she be covered up.

Really??? People were offended by a snow sculpture? Let's take offense at something worthwhile, like, I don't know, POVERTY??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Four Days Until Mexico!

Do you remember when Spring Break meant relaxing? I spent all four spring breaks in undergraduate in the Florida Keys with my grandparents in their guest suite with various friends/sorority sisters each time. I wouldn't trade those breaks for the world. We ate, drank, went snorkeling, relaxed, & petted manatees.

So, now I'm in law school and guess what! The only time I actually CAN go on vacation is Spring Break again. Welcome to back to the age of 21. Husband and I are going back to Riveria Maya - the Moon Palace. Last spring when we were at the Sun Palace in Cancun, we took a day trip to the Moon Palace and loved it. So, we're going back. I'm looking forward to relaxing and drinking lots of mimosas. Oh wait. I mean, I'm looking forward to drafting a Legal Writing Paper and studying for my Torts midterm while I'm there. Vacation fail.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Parents.

Crazy Emails - Regarding Math
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Should have been a day student.

"You should have been a day student."

I will never forget when a day student had the balls to speak those words to me. Yes, this person actually looked at me and those words escaped his mouth. This was at 5:00 p.m. I had left my job early to come and participate in a SBA function - A Quiz Bowl - where all the first year sections competed against each other. My class had voted me in to represent the evening students. The question asked had been taught to the day sections, but not the evening sections, so we had no idea (and note - I had made sure to advise the question makers in ADVANCE that it would be unfair to ask certain questions, but alas). In response to me telling the host that the evening section had not progressed that far in Civil Procedure, he said those horrible words to me. You should have a been a day student.

Normally at 5:00 p.m., this jacktard is leaving the law school, getting ready to finish up his day. Going to whatever dwelling he lives in, able to watch tv, eat dinner, go to bed before 2:00 a.m. Me? I had been up for about 11 hours at this point, worked for eight, and still had a good five hours left before I'd take my weary ass home. I had only read 30/40 pages for my first class that night and hoped I could get those last ten pages down before class, or I'd start praying I didn't get called on. I hadn't seen my husband during daylight hours in three days. And he said this to me.

Listen. While, yes, ideally, only going to school would be a great situation, I happen to prefer mine. I have a job that I love, a home that I love, a car that I love, and enjoy going out to nice dinners and going on trips. My job provides me with practical experience that is going to put me in a much better situation than if I had been just gone to school for three straight years. Do you know what the difference is between me and you, day student? THREE CREDITS. THREE HOURS of class time a week. I have 12 credits - you have 15. I also work forty hours a week and still volunteer, find time to participate in class activities, and have a husband and a dog and fun.

Why, yes, maybe it might be the traditional way to go to law school, I would not trade a single student in my section (well, okay, maybe a few), a single professor I have (ok, again, maybe one of them), or a single experience to be a day student.

So, no, buddy, you should have been an evening student!

This does not bode well for me.

Lawyer sells law degree on CraigsList.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Do you think our section has one of these?

Highlights to consider:

"I'm going to set the curve!"

"Yeah, I highlight every word in my case book. That's because I want everyone to know how smart I am and how much I am absorbing."

"I am going to raise my hand at every f'n question"


Blame on the In-In-In-ternet

"Blame it on the gchat, making you repeat that...blame it on the in-in-in-ternet!"

Um, WTF is up with the Panda?

Still Working on my LRW Paper

Another quote to add to the paper

"If this motion is not granted, it will surely open the floodgates of litigation."

Thank you Megan. I am sure I will get an A now!

Working on my Legal Writing Paper

A quote from a friend of mine who has been practicing for six years...

"In order to resemble true legal argument, must incorporate phrase 'slippery slope' somewhere towards the conclusion, regardless of whether any such slope may be slippery. Then you sound like a real lawyer."

Thanks Graham.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our New Addition!

Phil finally gave in and let me get a Boston Terrier! He arrives, via plane from Rose, Oklahoma, on February 26!