Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some of the better quotes of the day

From Mom:

I told her I got a RoadID with my information on it in case I get hit by (another) car and her phone number was listed on it after Phil. To which she replied, "Oh, so are you wearing a collar like the dogs with your phone number on it?"

"I'm pretty sure your grandmother is running a sleeper cell of the Third Reich where all they do is sleep."

A fun gchat:
me: he's not in my top ten [of people I like]
Brian: haha well me either
me: not in my top 100, either.
wait, i have 1400 facebook friends
i'd say he's def in my top 1000
Sent at 7:26 PM on Tuesday

1 comment:

  1. Lol @ wearing collar like the dogs! What she said was sudden yet funny! Of course, that kind of vehicular incident won’t happen. =) But preparing for everything is an advantage. As the saying goes, chance favors the prepared mind. That’s why safety is achieved whenever we’re prepared.

    Jooseppi Arendonk