Monday, July 27, 2009

My weekend of Quilting (and Harry Potter)

This is the current view from my kitchen table. We're eating on snack tables tonight. Sigh.

So, as I predicted on Friday, I spent the weekend quilting. It actually wasn't as difficult as I had originally thought, but it is time consuming. Especially when you have to move Frank off of the quilt every few minutes.

I first finished "stitching in the ditch" which means that I sewed around every single block on the quilt.

Here's a photo op of the back:

Don't mind the copious amounts of cat hair. I swear, he's addicted to the quilt.

Now I've started machine quilting the border. I practiced for a few hours on Saturday. I did lots of internet research on how to machine quilt and most tutorials started with, "Drink a glass of wine before you attempt this." So I did. Or two. Whatever. I was following the directions. Clearly.

This is called the meandering stitch and it takes forever. I'm hoping to finish the quilt before law school, but this machine quilting part is ridic. It looks nice, but damn.

Anyway, I left the house yesterday afternoon to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with Phil. Yes, I've read all of the Harry Potter books. I own all the movies and all the books. Phil had no idea what was going on (it was like watching Twilight all over again, LOL). I felt bad and kept leaning over and trying to explain who people were and why they hated other people and what certain things were. The Room of Requirement is really hard to explain.

Law school news: My tuition bill came with my schedule on Saturday. I'll be in class from 6 - 10 Monday - Wednesday & 6 - 8 on Thursdays. That's insane. We also got our first assignments. I have to write a 250 word essay and take a 75 minute diagnostic test by August 10. I should probably get on it.

13 more days in my twenties!

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