Friday, July 24, 2009

The New Blog

Welcome to the Crafty Law Student - after getting into law school this spring, I realized that my previous blogs weren't, er, career-friendly.

So I had to kill them.

It was really, really sad. There was some good material on there.

Anyways...I do like to blog. I'm a sarcastic one, you see, and I usually just make the people around me mad with my cracks on them. It's a family thing, though. One time an ex-boyfriend of mine came to a family function and was around me and my brother and dad for like nine minutes and asked why we were so mean to each other. It's love, I tell you, love. Anyway, I need a creative outlet to let my inner-snark out and this is what I came up with. I just have to keep it clean.

A brief bit about me - I'm almost thirty (gasp, I can't pass for 24 anymore). I've been a medical malpractice and personal injury paralegal for the past eight years or so. I always wanted to go to law school, but I didn't go right after undergrad and then I didn't feel like taking the LSAT again. Do you know how horrific that thing is? I would prefer being bitten by spiders and bats or eating some of that crap from Fear Factor. Anyway, my husband finally registered me for the LSAT and I took it and now I'm going to law school in the fall.

I'm also a craft whore. I love crafting. I'm constantly starting new projects. Right now there is a quilt on my dining room table that I'm learning how to machine quilt, umpteen scrapbook pages half done, three corkboards that need to be painted with various college mascots, two bibs that I meant to have ready for our friend's babies first birthday, and an entire closet full of other crafts I haven't gotten around to finishing.

So hence, the title - "The Crafty Law Student." I figure I'll blog about my journey through law school and my craft projects and try not to bore the snot out of people. If I do, though, stop reading. I won't mind.

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