Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Game!

The First Carolina Game of 2009 at our house coincided with our first party with law school friends. As I remarked to my husband in the liquor store last night, law school has really improved my alcohol tolerance. I'm not joking - there is alcohol at every turn. Of course a house full of law school students and my BILs - we put down a few cases of beer. We didn't get to sleep until almost 4 and I had to be at SBA at 9:30 am. I made it!

I also got my school issued flu shot on Thursday. I figured if I'm going to be in close proximity to 70 other students, someone is bound to give someone else the flu and there is no way I can miss a week of work and school to be sick. Plus, I'm a BIG FAT BABY and cannot handle being sick. My arm still hurts from the shot. See? Big Baby.

Okay, need to knock out a Legal Writing Paper before Gametime! Fun times!

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