Friday, September 4, 2009

The Gamecocks Won!

Another week of law school is over. If you are keeping track, this would be the second week. I will say I'm getting into a better routine and my body and mind are adjusting to the 14 hour days. I do miss my naps, though. Napping is a big deal in my family, both maternally and paternally. Big Al takes a nap everyday when he comes home from work and my mom is famous for yelling at me for interrupting her nap time when I call her on weekends.

Last night the Gamecocks played their first day and it happened to coincide with my Civil Procedure Class. That was sad. I like Civil Procedure, but I love my Gamecocks. Luckily, there was only about a 35 minute overlap and I was able to keep track of the score on ESPN360.

I think, however, my classmates underestimated my love of the Gamecocks. I showed up at school in a jersey and with a "Beat NC State" sticker on. I hope I didn't scare them with the whole "Go Gamecocks" thing.

Oh well. That's just Jess. Ha.

Up next: Georgia on September 12! Party at my house :)

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