Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Countdown begins - two weeks until school starts

Hubby and I took a staycation last week - I haven't done any crafting! As soon as I upload some photos, I'll share them. We had a wonderful long weekend with our friends Leslie and Brad and got to see tons of NYC!

Anyhow, it's down to the final countdown for lawschool.

I received these tips from an attorney I used to work for. I thought they were hysterical, especially No. 7.

1. Be prepared for class.

2. If you're not prepared for class then:
a) if your professor understands that not everyone will be prepared for class every single day and is fine with you coming to class and letting him/her know beforehand that you are not prepared, then tell him/her before class (just don't abuse it) - if not, then
b) don't go to class.

3. If you get study tools (Emanuels, etc.), try to find the ones that correspond with your textbook (it makes life MUCH easier).

4. Find a good group of people to study with. This group should consist of people who are serious about class, but not so serious that when it comes to crunch time that they are not willing to share outlines.

5. Get to know the law library staff early.

6. Get to know the job placement office staff early.

7. There are always a few people in the class that no one can stand. If you can't figure out who those people are, you're one of them.

8. Find that balance between school and regular life. That probably won't be as hard now that you're married, but it makes all the difference in the world.

9. If you have an idea what type of law you want to practice when you graduate, then start thinking about how to gear your law school curriculum towards that - not so much in your first year, but when planning your 2nd year schedule, be thinking about it.

10. Definitely tryout for the law review and other publications (and/or moot court). The worst that can happen is that they say no.

11. Don't be afraid to go see the professor in his/her office if you're having trouble understanding a case or a subject. They're more willing to work with you than they will let on (though SOME will just be dicks).

Thanks Chip! I'm so glad that we've been friends for the past nine years and you were able to offer me this insight.

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