Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I've bought on Ebay


I *might* be obsessed with the Gamecocks. I *might* need to step away from EBay.

Exhibit No. 1:

I don't have a lawn. I don't have a yard. I live on the 4th floor on a condo building and don't even have a balcony. I am the proud owner of the above pictured Gamecock Lawn Gnome. I call him Little Steve. He sits on my living room entrance table and watches the mail. I asked permission before I bought him. There is a matching cheerleader gnome that I hope someone buys me for Christmas! Hint, hint!

Exhibit No. 2:

Phil doesn't know about this one yet, but I think it's going to be a perfect match for the Spiderman Mr. Potato Head that I bought him. Additionally, I can change his faces based on the score of the game. Jenn O. said it was okay to buy this if any problems arise when Phil finds out. I don't think I'm going to mention it to him and just put it out and see what he says when he sees it.

Exhibit 3:

This does not match the decor of any room in my house. However, the laundry room was naked of all Gamecock paraphernalia, so I decided that this would be PERFECT and would totally dress it up. Everytime I do laundry or feed the cats, I'll remember where I went to college!

Exhibit No. 4:
It's a magnet for the dishwasher to let members of the household know if the dishes are clean or dirty! How ingenious is this??? We obviously needed this because the light that's actually ON the dishwasher that let's us know if the dishes are clean or dirty isn't sufficient enough.


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