Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I can't help it - I'm addicted to NOAA. I really should have been a meteorologist and worked for NBC. During hurricane season, I check the NOAA website daily. I wait for the hourly updates from the National Hurricane Center. Have I ever been in a hurricane? No. Have I ever been in danger of one? Once, sort of. Hurricane Floyd in 1999 when they made us evacuate the South Carolina campus, but nothing happened. We didn't even lose power. (Shout out to the Greene family for letting me stay with you!). I *think* when I was little (circa 1985 according to Wiki), Hurricane Gloria came up the east coast. I vaguely remember my mom running into the yard to rescue the bunny from the hutch, but there is a chance I'm making that up.

Hurricane Bill is now up to a Cat4 storm (I say Cat like I'm a damn expert at this stuff). According to this morning's NOAA update, there is not a chance in hell it will hit New Jersey. There is a .75% chance it might get windy.

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